Locked in and hopefully with a special F3 guest

OK, so now it’s do or die for the 6th Of December !  This date is now locked in for the low light test I’ve been planning for the last month or so.  As I mentioned in earlier posts, I’m planning to test a range of film and digital cameras in an urban available light and low light situation.

I’m also hoping that I might be able to swing a special guest to add to the mix, the new Sony PMWF3.   It relies on Sony themselves coming to the party.  Right now they’re looking at sending it to me on the day from Sydney with one of their engineers.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope that they’ll think it’s worth doing !

As I understand , it’s a pre–production version so it might not have all the features enabled but it will be great to have it alongside the other cameras.

So I’m still looking like I’ll have 35mm, Super 16 as well as a RED MX, Arri Alexa and a 7D.

We should be turning around the edit pretty quickly.  We’ve managed to bring experienced editor Denise Haratzis and then Deluxe will be creating the DCP and 35mm print from there.

We might even try to organise a screening before xmas, but it’s getting pretty tight now.

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One Response to Locked in and hopefully with a special F3 guest

  1. Erika addis says:

    Hi JB Sounds like a great party! Do you want another hand to help out?
    I’ll be looking over the F3 this week with a few others at AFTRS

    It’d be good to see you, hope alls well with you and Lisa

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