Counting Down

Despite the predictions of rain, I’ve decided to go full steam ahead with the low light shootout on Monday.  I figure even if it’s raining, it can still look good !  Instant wet down, with perhaps a bit more misery for us and the cast.


My idea was to create a simple scenario that would involve real actors in a city environment at dusk and evening and to shoot it primarily with available light using both traditional filmmaking formats like 35mm along with Digitcal cinema cameras like RED and Alexa along with newer HDSLR cameras like the 5D and it’s like.


So the cameras are now confirmed, courtesy of my friends at Lemac,
Aaton 35-3
Aaton XTRprod
Arri Alexa
and the special guest via Sony Australia,
The Sony PMW F3.


I’ll be using to band new Cooke S5 primes from Inspiration Studios, except for the Canon 1D.  I’ll have to go with Canon primes as I wasn’t able to source a PL mount Canon.


Also curtesy of Inspiration Studios and Arri Australia I’ll also have access to the fabulous new Fujinon built Arri Alura lenses…I have a feeling though that the slower T2.6 stop of these lenses might be a bit limiting for what I’m trying to do.


Director Kate Dennis and I have put together an optimistic schedule based around a simple romantic premise.

Sarah reminisces about her new relationship with the mysterious and allusive Frederick whilst wondering if he’ll show up after their last date didn’t end well.


Sarah is being played by the gorgeous Jane Harber, whom I’ve worked with on both Lowdown and Offspring. Kate has also organised another actor Mick McLeish who will play Frederick.


So rain or not, the shoot will be kicking off mid arvo and hopefully wrapping up by midnight.

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