Risky resolution. A whole year of risk.

But not the kind of resolution cinematographers would normally worry about….

See I normally don’t give much thought to new years resolutions or personal goals for the year. But this year I started thinking about how I could improve my work, how I could push my creative self.

So here it is. I’d like to make a new years resolution. I’d like to embrace risk. Risk with my imagemaking.

There’s so many ways I can interpret this self imposed challenge of course. And I don’t want to take risks just for the sake of risk. I just don’t want to do what is safe, conventional or routine.

And risk can be calculated. Testing, research and preparation can mitigate the downsides.

When I look back over the times I’ve done something that I thought was chancy, it turned out it really wasn’t as risky as I thought it was. It seems that risk appears the most dangerous before you act.

Being out of one’s comfort zone is what I’m aiming for. Challenging myself to not rest on what I know will work, but to find other ways of doing what’s required. To find other less travelled roads to reach the photographic destination.

Risk of failure is a powerful driver. By making a conscious effort to embrace risk I’m also hoping to fight complacency. I guess it’s a way of making sure I don’t get lazy and stay on the front foot.

So here’s to 2011. May it be risky and fraught with photographic danger and peril.

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Director Of Photography striving to create compelling images
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2 Responses to Risky resolution. A whole year of risk.

  1. Ez says:

    My favourite saying: Leap… and the net will appear.

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