Available light test – Nearly there

Its been a while coming but we’re nearly done with the grading of the available light shootout I did late in 2010.

This was a short film that I shot along with director Kate Dennis. We managed to get hold of six different cameras and shot the same footage using each camera. The idea was to shoot using only available light or the barest minimum of additional lighting and see how each of the six cameras would perform.

I should be looking at some test film wedges this week, and assuming they are OK we should be looking at a print by the week after that.

Stay tuned for screening details and let me know if you’d like to be on the invitation list for the final screening on 35mm and DCP.

This is the finished Alexa edit, but this has been graded for the film finish, rather than for this online viewing environment, but you get the idea.

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4 Responses to Available light test – Nearly there

  1. hugh turral says:

    Like it JB – is the Alexa noticeably better than anything else – look forward to seeing when you do a screening.

    What are your thoughts on optimum dynamic range and iso setting on digital sensors for night/low light shooting.


  2. johnbrawley says:

    You’ll have to judge for yourself. Hope you can make it to the screening.


  3. Richard Wilmot says:

    Looking forward to seeing those tests….
    How do I get an invitation…
    What about my friend from the Netherlands ?

  4. FB says:

    Lovely test, John. Wish I could be closer to Australia to see the test on the big screen.
    What’s the song? I think it fits the visual quite beautifully!

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