Available Light Shootout – SCREENING DATE SET

OK.  Finally !  A screening of the available light shootout I did late last year.  Deluxe have kindly struck me a 35mm print and I’m inviting you to come and see it on the 7th of May.

The shootout is actually a short film, repeated 6 times, and shot with a different camera each time.  It was written and directed by Kate Dennis as an exercise in shooting guerilla style using only available light in a series of city locations.

Every shot was repeated 6 times using firstly a 35mm camera, then super 16, RED MX, Arri Alexa, the new sony PMW F3 and finally a canon EOS 1Dmk4.

I was able to use the same lenses each time, Cooke S4’s aside from the 1D where I used Zeiss compact primes.

The 6 short films, one for each camera, have been compiled onto a single 35mm print and will also run as a DCP.  You’ll have the chance to see them screened at one of the best cinemas in Melbourne and judge for yourself.

Make sure you let me know if you’re planning to attend, either by using the RSVP email address on the invitation above or by going to facebook.


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One Response to Available Light Shootout – SCREENING DATE SET

  1. Dan Freene says:

    G’day John.
    I reckon I can secure the AFTRS Cinema in Sydney, for your available light tests.
    I’m heading to the ACS NSW meeting tonight and I’ll bring it up, to see what we can possibly do.
    Dan Freene.


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