Let me know what you want to see

I’ve had so much interest in the low light test that I shot nearly a year ago with Kate Dennis. In fact according to Vimeo, 21 000 of you sat through the entire 20 mins and nearly triple that started the video.

Now, I’m not looking to make this an annual event, but I was thinking of doing a little reprise of it, with an idea to shoot towards the end of this year.

So, I’d like to canvas what to look at this time, and how to do it differently.

Firstly, I think that I’d like to do something a little more polished and under more controlled conditions lighting wise.. So rather than available light, it would be lit in a more traditionally filmic way.

I still want to follow the same format though. I want to have a short story idea that drives the photographic decision making. I would do the same thing, whereby we shoot the same story, using the same shots and just change the cameras over.

Having more controlled lighting condition should help all of the cameras look their best, but it will take a lot more for me to organize as I’ll have to organize a much larger crew. Not only that, I’ll be faced with having to find a way to fund it with an increased production crew. The low light test had a small crew of 3 aside from Kate and I and a more ambitions looking test will need a lot more support.

I’m pretty keen to test the Sony F65. I guess the new Canon 1Dx should be in there. 35mm and Super 16 of course. Im interested to hear your thoughts though on what else you’d like to see tested.

The plan would be to get it finished again to a 35mm print and a DCP as well, and once again, organize a screening.

Let me know your thoughts !

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5 Responses to Let me know what you want to see

  1. Toby Oliver says:

    hi John, sounds like a good idea, I think these kind of tests need to be regularly updated in this day and age – a year is starting to become a pretty long time in the rapid cycles of current camera development and releases… particularly interesting to see F65 vs RED EPIC vs ALEXA vs CANON 1DX vs SONY F3 – I’d be happy to help out in any way I can
    Cheers Toby

  2. Seeing as almost every production now has at least one VFX shot, it would be great to have a green screen shot thrown into the mix for comparison. It would also be good to have some fast camera movement to check for rolling shutter artifacts, etc.

  3. Eric says:

    I support the idea of filming a story, and just switching cameras (as you previously did).
    It’s very important to match angle of view, focal length and lighting between camera changes.
    The actions of the actors should be as repetitive as possible. They’re no robots, of course, but give them some marks to work with so they can be as accurate as possible with their movements.

    I would like to see the footage of the following cameras:
    1. RED EPIC-X with latest firmware and Alchemy. Alchemy is going to be available in RedCineX Pro within the next few days.
    2. ARRI Alexa with latest firmware. Shoot ARRIRAW if you have the external recorder.
    3. Sony F3 + SLog
    4. Sony NEX-5N. Not a pro camera, but has a very promising 1080p60 video capability. Would be interesting to see the difference between a cheap APS-C camera vs Pro cameras.
    5. Canon EOS 1D-X, if you can get your hands on one. Make sure to shoot with intraframe (ALL-i ) compression.

    Good luck and thanks for doing this.

  4. Ben says:

    Good stuff, JB. I’m sure you’ll be adding the cameras that Canon and Red are releasing on 3 November 2011. Look forward to it!

  5. Tobias says:

    Hey John. This test is really great. What I’d like to see? This technique offers a lot of possibilities 😉 Create a whole library of all cameras ever made! 🙂 But first things first: I’d like to compare RED Scarlet with ALEXA and Sony F65/F35 (and maybe the upcoming C500 from Canon). Also interesting for me is the possibility of shooting HDR-Video on a Scarlet. I will follow your work!
    Best, Tobias (Berlin, Germany)

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