100 Bloody Acres – Anamorphic and Camera Tests

Lomo 35mm. Those crazy russians !

Lomo 35mm. Note the bellows focus on the lens

Aaton A-Minima with a HAWK 35mm

The Lomo 35mm was so wide, we had to tape ND filters to the front of the camera.

Chasing the light

EPIC with the 10mm Lomo

Another shot of the 35mm Hawk

Colin Cairnes Demonstrates his patience whilst I fiddle with an Si2K in the car

The Cast and Crew !

Well the great anamorphic shootout of 2011 was completed last weekend.  A small skeleton crew helped me to put some cameras and anamorphic lenses through their paces.

The Cairnes brothers, writers and directors of 100 Bloody Acres, really came up with a great location.  So great I’m going to keep it secret !  A fanatastic gothic and old homestead, it’s a few hours out of Melbourne and it was a bit of effort to get there, but it was well worth it.

I was very ably assisted by Lemac’s Tim Schuman and Eszter Faradi who somehow wrangled the Si2k, An Aaton A-Minima, an EPIC and an Alexa recording to a brand new ASTRO ArriRAW recorder.  Add to that a bunch of Lomo 2X anamorphic AND Hawk 1.3 x anamorphic lenses and there was a fair bit of gear to move around and stay on top of !

I only haad the 35mm and 60mm Hawk, and they are really well made.  The Lomo’s to be honest, looked a little sad and tired in comparison.  I had a few more to choose from thoughh.  The 35mm, the 50mm, the 75mm and the 100mm.

The Lomo’s actually had something going on though once they were on the camera.  Maybe it’s just that beauttiful distrotion that 2X anamorphics have.  One debate we’d been having  about the anamorphic lens process was if we’d see a difference between the 1.3X squueeze of the Hawks and the 2X of lomos.  The Lomo’s definitely had more  but it’s harrd to put it down to the amount of squeeze alone.  It was likely more to do with the older and more primitive design of the Lomos.  Now, that’s not to take anything away from them.  The Lomo’s were beautiful in their own way.

I also got to try the Astro arri RAW recorder.  It worked well enough, although in principal, I hate the idea of having something teathered to the camera !

The boys had come up with a simple enough scenario and they employed Luis Bayonas, a retired screenwriter from the Crawfords days as an actor.   Although pushing into his late 70’s he had no problems with the demanding script the boys had devised.

I’ve not yet looked at the footage in a controlled environment, but the brothers have sent me a clip  oof the EPIC transcodes cut together.  See if you can pick the Hawks and Lomos’, They’ve cut them  togther in the same clip.

NOTE, this os the RED EPIC camera. Footage is UNGRADED. That’s still to come.

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5 Responses to 100 Bloody Acres – Anamorphic and Camera Tests

  1. hugh turral says:

    Looks like fun –

    I’d need a bigger screen and a closer look to pick the difference – I spent more time looking at the images – composition and light… nice job! Especially the rim lighting in the barn against the door.

  2. ezza says:

    I hope the camera test is a good indicator of what we can expect with the fillum.
    Funny stuff.

  3. johnbrawley says:

    Ez, it was a a camera test, not a comedy test !

  4. Huey says:

    Where do you rent the set of Hawk anamorphic? Does Lemac offer Hawk 1.33x anamorphic for rental?

  5. nathik says:

    would like to get any new info on the web

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