AACTA awards

With the recent AACTA awards announcements, it’s worth acknowledging a few of the nominations.

Firstly Offspring has been nominated for Best Drama series. Congrats to John Edwards and Imogen Banks for creating the show in the first place. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the show over its previous 2 seasons and it’s currently shooting third season. I’m really proud of the show and the work we’ve created.

Twentysomething, the little comedy that show that could has also been nominated for a best comedy series and leading lady Jess Harris has also pulled a best comedy performance nomination.

Finally Mrs Carey’s Concert is a documentary by my friends Bob Connely and Sophie Reymond. It has an amazing 5 nominations including one for best cinematography. I was lucky enough to be involved with the concert photography and some of the other sequences leading up to the concert.

Also a special mention to my friend Erin White for her show being nominated, At Home With Julia and to Xanthe Highfield for having designed two of the three shows nominated for best comedy !

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  1. Oh I got a mention! Love your new website Brawley. Hope the 100BA has gone well. X

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