1st week of pre production – 100 Bloody Acres

It’s the first day of the second week of pre production for me.  I’m here at Lemac in Melbourne and we’re looking the beautiful HAWK 1.3X anamorphics.  They really are so well made and marked up. I think they are going to be very special to work with.

I’ve spent the first week spending a lot of time with the boys. Both directors, Colin and Cam are great because they have such a great idea about what they want.  They’ve boarded most of the film, certainly most of the key scenes.

We’ve been working out of the new SAFC offices and they’ve got all the boards up on the wall of their office.  It’s really impressive to see and great to discuss with them and Brad, the 1st AD.

We did a bit of a tech rece last wednesday, and it was great to see all the locations.  The shed where a lot of the action takes place is already taking shape.  I was even able to shoot some test material and get in there with gaffer Richard Rees-Jones to have a look at what we would be working with.  We’re planning to use a lot of pracs with both regular fluro tubes and rewired and lambed 1000w Tungsten globes.

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2 Responses to 1st week of pre production – 100 Bloody Acres

  1. Louis Puli says:

    Good luck with the shoot and please say hi to the boys from me .
    Louis Puli

  2. comradejones says:

    Hi JB, M Day here. I’ve gone and set this one up (www.comradejones.com) just somewhere to post the odd pic. Hope all’s going well on the shoot. Say hi to Mr Herriman!

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