Frame Grabs for Leah

As promised, a comparisons of the RAW and my version of a grade of Leah. The windows aren’t gelled ( a few have asked) and I had a 1.2 K HMI though a window and then through  two frames of diffusion on camera right.  A bit of negative fill on camera left and then some poly on far camera right.

Leah Ungraded

My graded version of Leah

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45 Responses to Frame Grabs for Leah

  1. How hard is it to focus in a Run’N Gun situation with the low contrast RAW image?

  2. Brian T says:

    I don’t suppose you could post a Cinema DNG of this image to download could you?

  3. cristianogiardina says:

    Excellent! I must say that your grade, in this and the previous videos, seems conservative!
    Do you know if you’ll be able to release new clips before the release date? I know you’ve only just added this one, but, I (we — cinema lovers without bottomless pockets) cannot wait!

  4. Chet says:

    Yes post a DNG instead of a JPEG.

  5. Andres says:

    or a tiff from the cinema dng 😉

  6. A K says:

    would be nice

  7. Chet says:

    Why was my comment deleted?

  8. Any sharpening in post, or is this grading-only like the last clips were?

  9. A K says:

    Please tell me which lens you chose for this!

  10. V.N says:

    by the way removable olpf would be great …option to remove olpf for landscapes for max resolution and
    use olpf for close ups is perfect…can u ask BMD to use that option in their camera …

  11. A K says:

    Thanks John,
    keep up the good work! I think this shot looks very promising..
    Would love to see a closeup with a nikkor ais 28mm 2.8 or any other low budget sharp lense..
    Do you think you would see much of a difference between the compact prime and the nikkor or any other sharp low budget-prime-lens concerning sharpness? Do you think the canon 100mm macro IS would be too tele for this camera in order to avoid shaky video without sticks ?

    I’m a film-student from Germany .. hope the cinema camera is available at July in Europe, too.
    Hopefully they allow you to show another video soon!

  12. milanesa says:

    Hi John. What is the Log curve of the ungraded footage? Meaning, what math can I use to convert to a working colorspace like Rec709?

  13. cpc says:

    Tiff/DNG would be nice, yes.
    I am mostly interested whether the banding on the neck/shoulder is caused by the jpeg compression or is it a qunatization issue with BMD’s tone/curve mapping.
    Also, the subtle greenish/yellow tint in the ungraded version (not so subtle in the graded one ;). Is it from the camera/sensor/camera-mapping, or just result of lighting/wall bounce?

  14. Daniel Natzke says:

    How is the Rolling Shutter? I’m a little anxious about that detail. If it’s reduced like the AF100 or FS100, I think I’m pretty much on board.

  15. Mike says:

    Hi John,
    you mentioned that you used some Leica R glass on the bondi test footage,
    did you use a canon-to-leica adaptor? and if so was it ok/stable?
    love to use leica glass on this….

  16. ramfismosh says:

    how do you feel being the first person with this Baby?
    tell us your professional experience please (operation,Advantages and disadvantages)

  17. ramfismosh says:

    after more test of course.

  18. Wolfgang Weidner says:

    I would love to step up to this camera from my T3i. Have you tried one of the popular EF-S fast-wide-zooms (17-50mm F2.8)? They would cover the basic angles. Do they (or should they) work properly on the Camera?

  19. David Cheok says:

    What i want to know is cinema dng allows for white balance corrections as wide as dslr raws.. there doesnt seem to have much information on it.

    • Brian says:

      Why does that even matter? Just WB when you shoot, I don’t see why you should ever need to do anything besides minor adjustments.

  20. Mickael says:

    Yeah, this density is a lot of fun to grade.

  21. Tyler says:

    Did you shoot this with the 25mm Compact Prime like the recent picture you uploaded? I’ve heard a lot of people griping about the sensor size. I myself, have some reservations about it. My main concern is getting those wide establishing shots I like to get. What’s the widest lens you have used with this camera? I love shooting with my 28mm Canon prime right now, would a 16mm lens be able to get close to that length?

  22. Actually, neither the question wether you used gels on the windows nor the informacion about the lamps you used to light her face are very useful in regard to the dynamic behaviour of the camera. I would like to see measurements of the higher and lower ends of brightness in the image (wall or tree outside the windows, lit side of her face, dark dress) with a spotmeter. That would give true information about the dynamic range shown in the image above and how the camera from Blackmagic deals with it. That would be my wish for hopefully more cool footage:)

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