Backing up in the field – New thunderbolt options

This is a potentially interesting development for those contemplating how to back up BMC files safely in the field.

DROBO are well known already for they home and business level NAS storage systems.  I have a Drobo FS at home and have stored all my legacy files, photos and showreel quick times on it.  It’s not particularly fast and it is a little quirky, but I do like how simple it is to setup and use.

The Drobo FS has 5 bays and only has Ethernet connectivity.  I’ve had one drive fail over the last 2 years and it was as simple as putting in another drive.  I originally had 5 2TB drives in there, and when I had the failure I replaced it with a single 3TB drive.  The nice thing is that with the Drobo you can mix the population of the drives.  This is quite different to other RAID’s where you generally have to have each drive be the same size.

And if you have a failure, then you have to rebuild the entire RAID.  That means you have to UNLOAD everything that’s on the RAID to something else while you make repairs.  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have another 10TB of storage just hanging around when my RAID fails !

So I like Drobo for this reason. And now they’ve released a 4 bay Drobo that is designed to work with SSD’s and has a thunderbolt connector.  That means it should be really fast and for the BMC in the filed, we’re going to need to look at these kinds of storage options.

No pricing or even availability yet, but I think they’ll sell well with BMC owners.

Have a look here for more info.

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17 Responses to Backing up in the field – New thunderbolt options

  1. Greg says:

    Wow, the posts are coming thick and fast…

  2. This sounds like a pretty cool storage solution. Thanks for the info. I hope it comes in at the right price.

  3. clairstyler says:

    Hi I have a Question about a function on the forthcomming Cinema Camera from blackmagic:

    It says on the blackmagic site:
    “Double tap to zoom the image for fast and accurate focus.”

    -Are you really going to be able to do this?:, I tought that the only assistive focus was peaking function from the focus button? If this is true than GREAT!! Can you comfirm this please?

    Thanks for your work in informing us, I really think its great!

  4. clairstyler says:

    Thanks for the fast response!

  5. natums says:

    The most cost-effective thunderbolt peripheral I’ve gotten yet is the LaCie eSata Hub. I have tons of eSata/FW800 drives and many thunderbolt versions of those same drives don’t offer either I/O.

    The hub is $200. On Amazon, you can buy a 4TB WD Studio II + Lacie Hub for the same price as just the WD thunderbolt flavor. You get no performance difference, the drives operate well below eSATA max and you have more connectivity on both the drive and any thunderbolt mac.

    The Drobo seems like the only dedicated Thunderbolt storage worth buying as it’s a larger capacity unit that will likely always be stationary w/ one computer.

  6. Gwen23 says:

    What lens would you recommend me for a BMC, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend?

  7. Chad Nickle says:

    Nice Find, John. This seems like a great solution for what we need. Hopefully we will see a bunch of new thunderbolt solutions crop up in the next 12 months.

  8. Sandy Campbell says:

    Hi John, are u able to use MacBook Pro in the field as primary capturing without SSD in BMC slot

  9. Sandy Campbell says:

    Thanks for quick and very useful responses, especially EF-S mounts, (APS-C 26.8mm and BMC 18.14mm) so crop factor of 1.5x which is reasonable.

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