Lowdown Season 2 sneak peek

Here’s the first look at the second season of Lowdown.  This is a fantastically funny show and I was lucky enough  to revisit it for the second series.  Written and directed by the fabulous Amanda Brotchie (AKA The Dr) and staring the multi-talented Adam Zwar and produced by the dynamo producer Nicole Minchin .

This season has the most insanely huge array of guest roles too.  Check out the teaser for just a wee taste.

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4 Responses to Lowdown Season 2 sneak peek

  1. Den Lennie says:

    Hey john, that looks great- I wonder if we’ll get it in the UK. I’ve been following you since I discovered you at NAB , thank’s for sharing all that you do. It’s a great resource for all film makers. I’d like to interview you on our podcast sometime if you’d be interested. we just launched it http://www.fstopacademy.com/category/listen-2/ if not no worries- Den

  2. Ron Coker says:

    A mighty Aussie show

  3. Looks like a great show. Let us know when it’s available in the USA! Cheers!

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