Blackmagic change it up with a passive m43 mount

Finally !!

It’s been a bit agonising to have to sit on my hands whilst waiting for IBC to announce this, but Blackmagic Design have added a passive m4/3 option to the Blackmagic camera.

This is a really significant step.  It means there are now essentially an alternative mount to choose from.  m4/3 is a much more appropriate lens mount option considering the sensor size is nearly perfectly matched to m4/3.

As the mount will initially be passive, you should think about this mount if you are happy with manual IRIS lenses.  Most likely you’re going to be putting on something like an adaptor to Nikon, C Mount, or PL lens mounts.

You can of course also go for the growing range of manual focus and iris m4/3 lenses like the Voigtlander 17.5mm F0.96 or even the SLR magic novelty-lenses.

This is really great news because it now means there is a hug number of lenses that can be potentially adapted to the mount, including of course, PL mount.

So to recap, the m4/3 version will be IDENTICAL to the EF version in every other respect, and you should be able to switch your order without penalty (dealer dependent).

The m4/3 version will start shipping in December.

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56 Responses to Blackmagic change it up with a passive m43 mount

  1. Joaquin says:

    Good move for Blackmagic! Hearing the customers is a clever way to success…

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  3. M Ryan says:

    Awesome news! Thanks for the update 😀

  4. Daaaaaamn! Dropping the bomb up in here! haha

  5. Trevor says:

    Voigtlander will be so happy – orders will rocket

  6. I think I’m about to post my 1st actual complaint about the BMCC: I was hoping for an electronic m43 mount, not a passive one. My collection of electronic m43 lenses can’t be used on a passive mount. Sigh. Well at least I can use my collection of old Nikkor primes via the Nikon F to m43 adapter I already own.

    I guess I’ll have to add this “real” complaint to my list of “fake” complaints. This is getting confusing … 🙂

  7. jakosz says:

    Really great news for me. What do you think would that be possible on any possible way to use lens like this? This what i really would love to know, because if i would buy this camera i would love to use with original cinematic (super16) lenses. What do you think?

  8. alan b'stard M P says:

    ” As the mount will initially be passive ”


  9. Bill says:

    JB – thanks for the update. Glad you were finally able to get it off your chest! One thing – yes, SLR Magic started out making novelty lenses – but they also make the excellent $549 (US) 12mm T1.6 HyperPrime declicked Cine Lens for MFT – which will make an excellent first cinema lens for many users of this excellent MFT cinema camera.

    Cheers, and thank you for all that you have done to blaze a trail for the BMCC community,

    Hybrid Camera Revolution

  10. Willian Aleman says:

    Thanks John. This news deserves a celebration.
    Together with the limitation of the frame rate to 30 and the absent of m4/3 mount, were the most common complains to the camera. I feel confident about the direction the people at Blackmagic are taking in favor of independent filmmakers market.

    Awaiting now for a highest frame rate as the next priority.
    Thanks once again for the great news.

  11. Eric says:

    John your advice, would this be considered the A camera and the EF model as B camera?
    I want to keep my place in line but would like to order the MFT for next year.
    Make sense to have both?

  12. alan b'stard M P says:

    still not broadcast quality?

  13. LC says:

    There is still the “battery” issue when shooting run and gun.

    • Won’t be difficult to mount a battery run and gun. But, it is called a ‘cinema camera’ for a reason. It’s purpose is controlled environments. The internal battery is so you can use it untethered for a short period of time.

  14. Jan du Preez says:

    I would really like to see a Arri Super16 Ultra Prime 6mm T1.3 on this…

  15. Gerald Baria says:

    Wow! Color me impressed with how FST Blackmagic is at reacting to customer feedback!!!! AMAZING! This company is worth the trust. So I guess your already using a unit capable of 60p then huh.:P

  16. Christopher Holt says:

    Thanks BM!! You just got my purchase!

  17. Great news….I’m sad to have to wait longer though. I wonder if BMD will offer an option to send your camera to have the lens mount upgraded? Or perhaps Hot Rod will offer it?

  18. Ben H says:

    I think the SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm T1.6 is THE wide angle solution for the BMC and it is fast and sharp on the GH2.

  19. Ben H says:

    My prime lens choices for the BMC mFT:

    SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm T1.6
    Voigtländer 17.5mm f/0.95
    Voigtländer 25mm, f/0.95
    SLR Magic 50mm T0.95 new CINE lens

    • Hamza ben says:

      now its starting to fly from the indie filmmakers circle, more accessories more money to spend, the least on budget filmmakers will buy.

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  22. So… What is the crop factor on the MFT version? 2x? 2.3x?

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  24. Javier L says:

    So I can attach Zeiss ZF.2 lenses then with the Nikon adapter?

  25. Mike says:

    Dear John!

    you said you used a Leica Summicron-R lens. Thats the lens i want to use, but confused whch mount version is best suited, an EF with adapter (which i presume you used) or the new MTF with adapter?!?


  26. Sonny says:

    MFT is way more adaptable than EF mount. You can throw basically anything with a longer Flange Focal Distance at the MFT mount. Including EF mount manual lenses. Check this (list of lens mounts):

    In other words: you have the whole history of optics at your disposal, apart from some new mirrorless mounts.

    Keep in mind everything is strictly manual (so far) though.

  27. Luis V says:

    Hi John!
    There´s one thing I can´t understand, why the crop factor will remain at 2.3x? I know the sensor in the BMDCC MTF is the same, but you´ll use m4/3 lenses which are specially made for de m4/3 sensor, which is much smaller than the “full frame” sensor and a little bigger but similar to the BMDCC sensor, shouldn´t then the crop factor be smaller? Please correct me if I´m wrong. Thanks in advance.



    • Sonny says:

      @Luis V, it´s very easy. Don´t mix up sensor sizes with lens mounts! The lens mount is MFT, the sensor is the same as before. The biggest difference is that MFT lens mount has a FFD (flange focal distance) of 19.25mm in relation to the FFD of 44mm of EF mount. (apart from obvious differences regarding electronic contacts, different bayonet e.t.c.)

      The “crop factor” will be the same as before. The sensor size is the same. It wont change no matter what lens you use with it.

      • johnbrawley says:

        Totally correct.

        The mount is different but the size of the sensor is the same. Thus the crop factor remains unchanged.


      • Luis V says:

        Thank you guys! There´s no doubt cinematography is art and science as well!

      • Luis V says:

        Ok, I got it, the crop factor of the BMDC is 2.3x compared to that of the “full frame” found in the 5D no matter what mount we use. Now, does anybody know what is the crop factor between BMDC and m4/3 sensor?

        Once again thank you very much and have a nice weekend!


      • Sonny says:

        Luis V: it depends on which m4/3 sensor you are talking about. The multi-aspect gh2 has a 16:9 that has a horizontal crop factor of 1.86x. The regular m4/3 sensor or gh2 sensor in 4:3 width is exactly 2x. Co-incidentally the same width (or just about) as bmc sensor.
        Effectively the bmc is 2x, horizontally.

      • Luis V says:

        Thank you Sonny!

  28. thadon calico says:

    this would be great to use cine C-mount lenses is the IB/E cmount prime lens in production? or the ps technik c-mount lens

  29. Eric says:

    JB I’m not sure if this was asked, but will you be testing the MFT soon?
    Would be great if you get a chance to shoot with both in the wild and have us drool hoping for the last time 😉

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  31. Jony, have you tested lenses B4 2/3″ mount Canon Fujinon broadcast SD/HD on BMCC m4/3?

  32. adam says:

    so those opting for 4/3 what lenses are recommended, what’s are the better lenses out there? i imagine going with the 4/3 mount is also better too so you can go wider something you can’t easily do on the c mount?

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