Blackmagic Cinema Camera behind the scenes with CocoRosie

Whilst working with the extraordinary director Emma Freeman on Puberty Blues, she asked if I could help her out with shooting some additional shots for a music clip she was doing for the awesome CocoRosie.

Using a Weisscam HS2 for high speed shooting, we went to a familiar location down in Kurnell. I happened to have the early  V1 Blackmagic Camera with me to shoot some behind the scenes.  Most of these shots were done by myself or my assistant Matt Chow when I was shooting.  No tripod and just the 15-85 Canon EF-S. IS wasn’t enabled either at this point..

Shot CinemaDNG and processed through Resolve V8 with mild correction, making the blacks sit on black and whites just on clipping and I added a little saturation.  No shot-to-shot grading though as I rendered to ProRes 422 (HQ) and then cut the shots in FCPx.

So remember this is the V1 camera, the same camera that shot the other public BMD footage. In other words, the very first camera.

This is the finished CocoRosie clip and note that only the Weisscam was used in the clip.  there are no BMD shots in the clip whatsoever.  The majority of this was also shot in Germany and shot by Filip Piskorzynski.

And here’s a link to the song in iTunes.

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2 Responses to Blackmagic Cinema Camera behind the scenes with CocoRosie

  1. enricotrippa says:

    Icredible light, John! Love it.

  2. Oh wow! The clarity in that BTS is amazing!

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