Puberty Blues explained in just 2 minutes

If you haven’t had a chance to catch Puberty Blues, then this trailer, put together by setup director Glendyn Ivin and series editor Deb Peart might give you the skinny on just what it’s all about.  A great watch.


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13 Responses to Puberty Blues explained in just 2 minutes

  1. Ron Coker says:

    Top Oz entertainment.

  2. Kudos to Glendyn Ivin, Deb Peart, yourself and the entire crew. Fantastic work. Cheers!

  3. jake.carvey says:

    Great stuff, John – a really nice visual backdrop for some great acting and production values clearly in direct support of the storytelling.

  4. John says:

    What about the legacy and effect on society media that glorifys sex out of marriage drugs etc. The 60’s created many of the problems today. You made nice pictures that have no positive effect on society.

    • jake.carvey says:

      Many would argue that society’s reluctance to discuss the issues of sex openly and directly with our youth are a direct cause of many other problems, and indeed that the free love of the 60’s and 70’s was merely an inevitable, direct rebellion against of the conservative thinking which *did* suppress such expression in the decades previous. In either case, a dramatic production which sparks debate and discussion can hardly “have no positive effect on society”.

    • johnbrawley says:

      Maybe you could watch the show before passing judgement on it. Come back when you have and we can discuss it then.


      • John says:

        The book and original movie is already well known. I’m not doubting the quality of the movie, just interested in idea that those in filmaking have any care for what they are part of producing. Can a Christian make a Muslim movie, etc.

      • johnbrawley says:

        Well this is a TV series.

        A movie was made, but way back in 1981. It was one of the most successful and well known Australian films ever made. The book is considered an Austrlian literary masterpiece and has been on the high school curriculum of Australian schools for many years.

        I’m not really sure I understand the point you’re making.

        You seem to be making a judgement about the morals of the story we’re telling in the series (without having watched it).

        You seem to be also arguing that you can only tell a story if you belong to that “tribe”.

        If that was the case we would have no room for any kind of creative expression whatsoever. It would only exist within narrow definitions of what was “allowed” and not allowed. It’s a ridiculous point. Anyone has the right to express themselves. It’s up for the audience to judge the end result.

        I am completely dedicated to the stories I tell. The very fact you’re “judging” this work without having seen it, not understanding it’s context or nuance makes it hard to even discuss this with you. It’s insulting that you would even question my work without having seen it. From your posts I’m guessing you’re assuming it somehow promotes and endorsees behaviours you don’t approve off. This series was made with the close involvement and approval of the original authors of the book. They read every single script and added their own thoughts to it. The show was made by literally hundreds of people, all of whom were dedicated to creating this work as depicted in the book and the scripts. We had the involvement of many of the locals who live and grew up in the areas we shot in. Every single scene bar one in 9 episodes was actually shot in the actual locations in the book.

        You seem to misunderstand that depiction of a behaviour, culture or belief somehow condones it. You don’t agree with the morals of the world we depict. You want to hold us accountable for depicting those circumstances. Maybe you can look to your own house before judging the work of others. It’s a pretty well worn argument in the art world….

        Religion has been trying to suppress art and science for many years.


  5. John says:

    In history the best art ever made was made by those with a direct knowledge of God, fact.

    And I’m not saying you can have reality in art, but there is always a take away in art, be it a movie song, whatever. the Bible has more murder, incest, genocide than any movie. My point was do you care about the effect of what your involved in or believe you have a responsibility for shaping societies thinking. I guess not then…..

    • johnbrawley says:

      “In history the best art ever made was made by those with a direct knowledge of God, fact.”

      – In who’s view ? Your’s ? Isn’t that for the individual to judge ?

      “My point was do you care about the effect of what your involved in or believe you have a responsibility for shaping societies thinking. I guess not then…..”

      I absolutely do. How would you know ? What you are doing is judging a work that we have made objectively. You are also judging my work by association. Work that you haven’t even watched. Don’t you think that’s a bit short sighted ? Close-minded ?

      We don’t judge our characters in Puberty Blues. You do without hearing from them.


  6. Edan Cohen says:

    One of the best, most-sensitive shows I’ve seen in recent years. Being an American, I never would have known it existed were it not for your blog, JB. After watching all of it on YouTube, I was blown away by the acting and production values. I can’t wait till season 2 airs (on YouTube). The final scene of season 1 was one of the most joyous, liberating things I have seen in a long time.

    • johnbrawley says:

      Hi Edan. Thanks for taking the tim to comment and to watch the show. I’m impressed you went to the effort and that you appreciate the show when you live OS. It’s nice to hear of it having a life beyond Australia and that the content still cuts through to cultures beyond Australia.


      • Edan Cohen says:

        It definitely resonates. I have twin daughters and will be buying them the book when they enter their teenage years – as well as showing them the series – which should be up to season 5 or 6 by then. =)

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