Vintage Lenses

In between jobs I get to noodle around.  I’ve finally pulled some frames together from Puberty Blues, a television series that I shot using vintage optics.

For any that are interested in vintage lenses I thought I’d throw together a quick gallery of images.  These are all frame grabs taken while I was shooting Puberty Blues.  As such they haven’t been graded so you’re seeing what was captured using the nifty frame grab function of the Alexa.

They are a mix of Panavisions pVintage lenses (rehoused Ultraspeeds) and the Zeiss Superspeeds.

I’ve tried to pick the images that I think best exemplify the look you can get using these imperfect wonders.

You can examine these further here on FLICKR

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5 Responses to Vintage Lenses

  1. Ron coker says:

    A stunning result! Cheers.

  2. jake.carvey says:

    Man what a great set of frames – reminders of how interesting frames can be when the light is painted with a more subdued, naturalistic brush, not always over-corrected into some fantasy world. The gradients and contrast here feel natural, but still very compelling, adding so much to the emotional authenticity. Thanks for sharing. Feeling inspired.

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