In Memory of Morgan

I just learned of the sad news of the passing of a colleague Morgan Evans.

You have probably seen him on your screens and not realised it.  I was lucky enough to know this amazing stunt performer and director and got to work on a few shows with him.  I’ll never forget his boundless enthusiasm and energy and love of life.

I still remember seeing one of his VCA films as a young filmmaker and being so astounded at the audacity of his stunts, humour, production value and the political commentary he managed to combine in one simple film.

Although we hadn’t crossed paths lately, I miss you already and the world is poorer for not having you around.

Morgan Evans (pointing behind camera), Tony D’Aquino and I working on a TVC in Vietnam






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3 Responses to In Memory of Morgan

  1. stunts4u says:

    Thanks for sharing that with me John.
    Hope all is well with you my friend.
    David Garber Director of Photography

  2. Very sad to lose good people.

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