Olympus E-M1 II

Here’s a short I did a little while using the Olympus E-M1 II.

It was shot using the internal 4K codec, and using the Olympus Pro lenses.  I used a mix of the primes, the 17, 25 and 45mm mostly and they look really beautiful wide open.  I also used the 12-100 Zoom for a lot of the content on the water.

I really love the way the primes draw faces, there’s something very flattering about them in the close ups and the bokeh is subtle but helps draw your attention to what’s in front.

All shot handheld, using IS mode 1 and 2.

I left the bottom right corner UNGRADED so you can see what the Olympus FLAT (now called LOG) profile looks like before and after, and gives you a great idea of how the much you can push the image around in the grade.



Watch the 4K version here

About johnbrawley

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3 Responses to Olympus E-M1 II

  1. kitlaughlin says:

    That footage looks lovely, John. And thanks for having the FLAT version on screen at the same time: it really shows what can be done. Excellent and thanks.

  2. Ron Coker. says:

    A stunning result, John. Good to catch up again 👍

  3. kinnon says:

    Thanks for this, John. Much appreciated.

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