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50mm Lenses Compared, plus 4444 ProRes for the URSA

I was lucky enough a few days ago to receive the brand new first production run of the SLR Magic 50mm T2.1 APO PL mount lens and I was keen to try it out on some skin tones.  By way … Continue reading

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Australian TV comes of age – Puberty Blues

*A WORD OF WARNING – There are many plot spoilers in this article about the TV series Puberty Blues as well as clips from the show that contain some slightly confronting material LATE BREAKING NEWS>  Puberty Blues has just won … Continue reading

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LED lighting hype ?

In the last few years LED’s have become very common as a source of light for us image-making types.  As someone who in the early 2000’s started a company to produce LED lighting based fixtures for film and television, I … Continue reading

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Unconventional Lighting

Sometimes it’s more interesting to light using other types of lighting equipment. Traditional film style lighting equipment has evolved over the years to meed the specific requirements of motion picture production, usually to do with colour temperature, lighting control, beam … Continue reading

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