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Split! – Does it take a village to make a movie ?

  While in the middle of production on a remake of Beaches for Lifetime with director Allison Anders, we started talking about the use of video split and she reminded me that the DGA have rules about the use of the … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Lie – a love story

It’s no small thing to tackle one of the greatest literary works of all time, but that’s exactly what The Beautiful Lie attempts to do. Those familiar with Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, the epic and sweeping original text that The … Continue reading

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Olympus comes in from the filmmaking wilderness….

This one’s long…you might want to settle in…there’s a lot of ground to cover…. This is a kind of review, but more kind of my first impression of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.  The firmware I shot all these … Continue reading

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Curiosity…the best tool a cinematographer can have ?

Call it a new years resolution, but I’ve been thinking about trying to be more curious this year…actively curious… Curiosity is a basic human emotion.  We are all seemingly and fundamentally curious as a species.  To try to understand when … Continue reading

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Slating like a Butler

Slates…. They’re a tribalistic filmaking ritual.  Even in this digital age they are still ever present, a 100 year old filmaking tradition.  It also seems these days there are a gazillion slate “apps” that all ape the original concept…. two … Continue reading

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Australian TV comes of age – Puberty Blues

*A WORD OF WARNING – There are many plot spoilers in this article about the TV series Puberty Blues as well as clips from the show that contain some slightly confronting material LATE BREAKING NEWS>  Puberty Blues has just won … Continue reading

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Cool blog on continuity

You think Continuity isn’t cool ? Check out this blog by Script Supervisor Sabi Paisa.  Try and watch these clips without reading her text first and see if you can beat the tests she’s got there. It’s a very scientific … Continue reading

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