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12K and the rest…8K and 4K and..

One of the amazing developments with this new sensor is the ability to shoot the same full sensor raster or size at different resolutions without having to crop. Typically when shooting at different resolutions we’d expect that the sensor would … Continue reading

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It goes to 12K

You probably know the sketch from Spinal Tap ? Where Nigel Tufnal, lead guitarist of Spinal Tap shows off his specially made Marshall guitar amp where all the dials go to 11 ? You may then have had a similar reaction to … Continue reading

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Here’s a little podcast chat I had with my long time colleague and friend Illya Friedman. It’s less tech geek and more philosophy slanted which I love.

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DXL2 – VENICE – Alexa 65 Files

Here’s the camera original files from my very good friends at Digital Pigeon. DOWNLOAD CAMERA ORIGINAL FILES Please practice responsible downloading.  If you download all of these then it’s 80GB of camera files. Here’s my compilation in the blind test … Continue reading

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